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What to Expect

Wild Ginger 2024 begins on a Thursday and ends Sunday. Once you are on the land we ask that you stay for the duration to help contain the energy and community of camp.

Each year’s theme is typically built around a myth or magical teaching and campers are encouraged to participate to their own comfort level, from quietly lending energy to the magic through actively participating in ritual planning.

Witchcraft is explored, taught and shared through large community rituals each evening, small workshops (paths) on Friday and Saturday mornings, affinity groups (intimate discussion/support groups) after lunch each day, and optional offerings (spontaneous community-based teachings).

There is always also free time for dancing, drumming, swimming, sunning, napping and optional offerings. Bring along anything you would like to teach or share. Wild Gingers are always up for something new!

Cost of Camp

To be transparent about the cost of camp:

The main costs of camp are food and accommodations. These costs are fixed and per person. Other expenses include insurance, childcare, and miscellaneous costs such as banking fees. In order to make camp financially accessible to everyone we choose to provide subsidies in the form of work exchanges (including organizers’ work exchanges), scholarships, and reduced children’s fees. These subsidies are paid for out of the registration fees, earnings from the raffle, vendors’ contributions, and other donations.


Accommodations are typically in shared cabins with three to six people per side, or you may tent if you wish. We have limited accommodations for those with special needs which fill up quickly so be sure to enquire about this when you register if this will be something you require.

Dining Hall

All meals are provided so you don’t need to bring food or cooking implements. The kitchen can accommodate vegetarian/vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free diets, and most other dietary needs. Please indicate any food allergies, sensitivities or other dietary requirements on the registration form so that we can plan.

Given the size of our camp, and in order to keep costs lower, each camper over the age of 12 is expected to sign up for three bread-work shifts in the dining hall. Bread-work is a short work shift that is a fun way to get to know people and typical tasks include set up before meals or cleaning up afterwards. It is important to show up for your bread-work shifts since if you don’t other people will have to pick up your slack.


Childcare is often (but not always) provided during path and rituals. Most of the camp activities are child-friendly but sometimes witchlets can get bored or sleepy, or parents wish to fully participate in ritual. We have First-Aid and CPR-trained childcare providers with experience working with children in various settings who entertain and supervise the children.  Childcare is included with the registration fee but it is important to note that parents remain responsible for their children at all times. Be sure to register for child care using the separate child registration form.

Financial Aid

Scholarships and work exchanges are offered to aid those who need financial assistance with the registration fee. Wild Ginger raises funds for this through donations and our ever-popular raffle (Ooh! Ah! FABULOUS prizes!). Please bring a few special witchy things for the raffle.  We are expanding our popular Swap Shop so extra items may find their way there.  Be prepared to bring home any swap items that remain at the end of camp.

Vendors Market

Campers are invited to register for vending space if they wish to sell creative and witchy items. Vendors contribute a percentage of their earnings to the Scholarship fund as well as donating an item to the raffle.


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